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LEAD TV Channel 10

To all the group member: It is an exiting moment in Wye, when the special TV program "Good Morning Wye" of LEAD TV Channel 10 by our Working Group B is filmed, thanks to all the effort and contribution by all the DreamWorks group:)

It is a pity that I don't have any photo about the whole group working, especially about our director Martha. She didn't show up in the whole program. Though I am the camera man, I still got an chance to act as a reporter:) If any member of this group have take photos about the shooting of this program, please sent them to me to make a trailer, which will be added in front of the program.


Click in to enjoy the "Good Morning Wye" Special Edition of LEAD TV CHANNEL 10!

I need help form other group members. Welcome pitures about the shooting of this movie:)
After I got the photo and finalise the movie, I will remake it:)
If anybody in the DreamWorks group is missing in the following credit, please tell me, so that I coul add to the final version:)

Welcome fellow LEAD fellows to share information and comments in our guestbook:)



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