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LEAD TV Channel 10

To all the group member: It is an exiting moment in Wye, when the special TV program "Good Morning Wye" of LEAD TV Channel 10 by our Working Group B is filmed, thanks to all the effort and contribution by all the DreamWorks group:)

Presented online by Tang-Song Dynasty Pictures.


Click in to enjoy the "Good Morning Wye" Special Edition of LEAD TV CHANNEL 10!

Here is the full program with the feature:
Good Morning Wye : LEAD C-10 Special Program at Imperial College London Wye Campus (Full Program 14 Minutes)
TikTok Flash Video of the Program (4 Minutes @ TikTok)
TikTok Flash Video of the Program (30 Seconds @ PC)
(30 Seconds @ TikTok)

Download the Video "Good Morning Wye"
>> Full Size Video 14 Minutes with filming anecdotes>>
>>TikTok 4 Minutes Edition>>
>>TikTok 30 Seconds Edition>>

>>2004 Original Format >>

LEAD fellows Information Board

LEAD C-10 WGB Dreamworks

Presenter 1: Iliana Ortega
Presenter 2: H¦lio Maltz
Farmers President: Eri Yoshida
Wye Expert: Joel Cossa
GM Man: Stuart Mangold
Reporter 1: Lilit Ohanyan
Mexico Minister of Agriculture: Salvador Peniche
Brasil Minister of Agriculture: Adriana Marques
Reporter 2: C.N.S Kumar
Nigeria Representative: Umar.Y. Kawu
China Representative: XIE Hong
Supporting Actor: Moses Ole Neselle
Reporter 3: SONG Gang
Mexico Representative: Hector Castanon
Mexico Representative's girl: Beatriz Cardenas

Director: Martha Delgado
Camera and Technique: SONG Gang
Chief Editor: Junko Niwa
Kapil Mohan
Tom Chuma
Teiji Tanizaki
Takashi Mukai
Willard Phiri

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