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Love Movie Festival

Love Movie Cinema
2002 Spring Festival Special Program:
Happy toothpaste
Febuary 9, 2002. On the spring festival get-together of Beijing Municipal Administration Commission, this flash MTV was performed by Songgang and his colleagues. This flash is designed by Songgang himself. Hope you enjoy it:)

Bachelor's Life: God save me with love
Share this with all the friend that is bachlor or once has been bachelor. Hope god save all. Love save all:)

Education before marriage: Husbands Motto
To live a happy life with your wife. Have an harmonious atomosphere in your future home, you have to watch this film.

Fireworks Celebration

Wedding Celebration Fireworks
Welcome you visit to the fireworks celebration of Songgang and Tangqiang's Wedding ceremony online, opened on 24/7 basis.Enter - >

Wedding Certificate
Have a check at the Wedding Certificate issued by Civil Affairs Ministry of Peoples Republic of China. Enter - >
Small House With Love
English Version underconstruction.
Cover Story
Movie Festival
House with Love
Our Guest
She is 26
He is 28
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Rose Blessing
Birthday Gifts
Fireworks Evening
Blooming Rose
Happy Childhood
World belong to us
Red Red Rose

Start from Gubeikou
Climb over JInshanling
Arrive at Simatai
Arrival in Villages
Camping beside the Great Wall

TangSong Dynasty
Dynasty Pictures
Family Photo Album
Cool Area
Cyberspace Villa
Mobile China
Mobile Government
Greener Beijing

A little space belong to us.It is a small but warm place.You can share the photos and also a short vedio.Enter - >
To watch the vedio, you must have Real Player installed.

Guest to our little house

Guest to our little house ...Photos - >


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